Monday, April 24, 2017

Preview: Lord of Shadows (Cassandra Clare)

Lord of Shadows is the second novel in The Dark Artifices trilogy, chronologically the third series in the Shadowhunter Chronicles (until the next series is written, which will make this the fourth). If you're like me, Cassandra Clare's newest installment is already pre-ordered, and you're biting your nails in wait for its May release date.

If you haven't heard of Lord of Shadows, Cassandra Clare, OR Shadowhunters and want to know what is going on, check out my review for the first book in The Dark Artifices, Lady Midnight here: Lady Midnight
Have no fear - although The Dark Artifices is the third series in the Shadowhunter Chronicles, you are absolutely able to read it first. There will be mild Lady Midnight spoilers below, so you might want to wait to continue this post until you've finished the first book.

Back to our eagerly anticipated Lord of Shadows (LoS)! So, what do we know so far? First off, here's the released cover:
Official Cover Image
So, as you can see, it has a boy on the right side with a sword who looks like he is suspended in water. On the left, we see a city turned sideways, which is possibly fragmenting. Definitely a more dynamic cover than the original temporary one that was released (see below), and lends itself to a millions predictions.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

10 Amazing Period Dramas You Might Have Missed

Now I'm going to assume that if you're looking at this list you've probably seen every Jane Austen adaptation there is, a Brontë or two, and Downton Abbey. Therefore, as wonderful as those are, I will be leaving those off of this list. If not, here`s a good place to start (and stay tuned for a future list discussing various Austen adaptations). Although I will be including mini-series, I will be leaving off any television shows at this time *deep breath*. With that being said, here we go!

1. The Virgin Queen (2005)

If you love British history, especially the lives of their monarchs, then look no further (So fans of Victoria and The Crown, pay attention!). The Virgin Queen chronicles the life of Elizabeth Tudor from her time just before inheriting the throne of England through her turbulent and prosperous reign as Queen Elizabeth I. Full of intrigue, war, heartbreak, court politics, stunning costumes, and beautiful music, The Virgin Queen shows the portrait of a royal as fiery as her famous hair. Definitely not one to miss! Oh, and did I mention that Tom Hardy (Mad Max: Fury Road) and Kevin McKidd (Grey's Anatomy) are in this?
Anne-Marie Duff as Elizabeth I

2. The Pillars of the Earth (2011)

Based on the bestselling novel by Ken Follett, The Pillars of the Earth is the struggle over power, pride, desire, and the English throne. Set in 12th century England primarily in the fictional town of Kingsbridge, the series opens with the death of the king's heir, throwing the country into turmoil. Following the fight for succession, while also focusing on the building of a great cathedral, royals and priors alike hunger for power. Love is thwarted, cities are ransacked, and secrets threaten to destroy it all. Taking place over several decades, this epic tale has something for everyone. If that alone is not enough, a stunning cast including Eddie Redmayne (The Danish Girl), Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter), Rufus Sewell (Victoria), Matthew McFadyen (Pride and Prejudice), and even Sam Clafin (Me Before You) makes this adaptation shine.
Pillars of the Earth Main Cast

Thursday, April 6, 2017

YA in Review: Queen of Shadows (Sarah J. Maas)

First of all, this post will essentially be Spoiler Free, however as this book is part of a series, it will contain spoilers from the previous books that are necessary to explain parts of the plot of this installment. Any comments by other users will not necessarily be spoiler free, so read at your own risk. Ready? Here we go!

Queen of Shadows is the fourth novel in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. For those eagerly anticipating vengeance and resolution, look no further. It's time for a fight.

What it's about:

Aelin Galathynius is now in charge of her powers and embracing her role as Queen. Returning to Adarlan, she is ready to assemble her court and enact revenge on those who have wronged her and her country. But a queen without a throne has to prove her worth, and a queen without allies has no power at all. With her friends imprisoned, under the watchful eye of the King, and on a different continent entirely, how can Aelin ever hope to reclaim her kingdom?