Wednesday, July 31, 2019

July 2019 Update

July has been another crazy month for me with life! There hasn't been a large variety in what I've been watching, but I did enjoy a fair amount of TV.

Started Watching:
The Office (US) - season 1, 2, 3
Well, I was rather late to this party, wasn't I? I've seen some episodes of The Office before (both US and UK), but it's been a bit random and sporadic, and only from the first few seasons. After a few friends were talking about it a lot recently, I decided to sit down and try it out from the beginning. Since the episodes are short, it's been a nice way to take study breaks! I don't know how many seasons I'll end up watching (there are nine, I believe), but it's been enjoyable so far.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

TMST: Favourite Blogs

It's been a while since I've participated in a Tell Me Something Tuesday, and I've been meaning to get back into it! Thank you to the lovely Rainy Day Ramblings for this week's topic about some of your favourite blogs. Now, I have some bloggers that I enjoy that aren't related to books at all...but this time I'm just going to focus on my bookish buddies. This isn't a comprehensive list of course, but these ones deserve some extra special attention.

In no particular order...

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Blog-Along: Pilgrimage

Blog-Alongs: my thoughts about a movie as they happen, with minimal editing. Yes, this is my opportunity to be snippy and sarcastic and tell you exactly what I think.
How Do I Read This Post?: However you'd like! You are more than welcome to just read it as is, or you can watch the movie and follow along. I've included rough timestamps so you can check back in when you're watching. There are usually a few mild spoilers in these, but honestly, I am super careful to not spoil anything crucial. Regardless, however you decide to participate in this post, I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Library Life: Library Misconceptions

I've been fortunate that most of my life has been split between two incredible fields of work: science, and library services. Yet, what I've noticed while talking to people outside of these fields, is that there is very little understanding of what we do! I don't blame people for this, I have no idea how an accountant spends their day, or an electrician. However, both of my fields tend to be portrayed rather stereotypically in the media, leading to some pretty funny misconceptions. So today I want to share with you some of the most common ideas I have heard from people about library work/workers. In future, I want to discuss a little bit of what types of jobs I actually do! I've had experience in three departments, and in two types of positions, so my experiences will be an amalgamation of those, and anything else I can tell you - It won't be indicative of every library, but it's a start!

Misconception #1: You get to read books all day!

Uh...I WISH!
I have had to do this in the past, absolutely, but it's not as big a part of most library jobs as people believe. Children's Programmers, those who run storytimes, definitely have to do this to select the items they are going to read. Librarians mostly skim read to determine what items to maintain in the collection, otherwise they usually read book selection/review articles and magazines (nowhere near as fun, trust me). Occasionally we read to get an idea of items in the collection to better be able to recommend them to others, but this is usually on personal time, and for fun! I actually work with some people that don't read for enjoyment at all. These guys are usually movie buffs though!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Mini-Reviews: The DUFF, Mortal Engines, The Impossible

More movies in my long list of things that need to be reviewed! I love watching movies, but I don't like to review all of them. Why not? Well, there can be a few reasons for this: 1) sometimes there just wasn't enough going on in it for me to feel inspired to write a full review/have enough material to write about, 2) because I often just want to watch a movie for enjoyment, and without analyzing it. So, here's how we both win: I watch it for fun, and then I write a mini-review. However, if you see that I have watched a movie and you desperately want a full review...tell me! I am more than happy to consider writing a full review if I know readers are interested.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, here are some of the things I've been watching!
Do you like Easy A? Well, this movie has that kind of feel to it. It's a relaxed, but fun teen movie that still deals with some important issues and relationships. It's a little bit quirky, but still very relatable. If you are looking for a fun movie for the weekend, or for an evening to curl up and relax with, then I think this is perfect. It will leave you feeling happy, and without having to think too intensely to keep up.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

June 2019 Update

In terms of television, June has been an exceptionally slow month. Thankfully I had a bunch of posts lined up, because I did almost no blogging near the end of the month!

Started Watching:
Accidentally in Love - season 1
Yes, I started another Chinese drama. Actually, I'm taking a break from watching it right now to finish up this post. So, this is one that I had saved as one to watch, but like many, I don't recheck why I had picked it before I started watching...and it's very much like Meteor Garden and A Love So Beautiful. Does that mean I am bored? Nope. Does that mean that I am already obsessed with it? Absolutely. I didn't have much hope for it in the first episode or two, but by the third episode I knew that I was going to adore this one. I'm about a third of the way through, and am having a great time.