Tuesday, June 25, 2019

YA in Review: Flipped (Wendelin Van Draanen)

This post will essentially be Spoiler Free, however comments by other users may possibly contain information that spoils portions of the plot, so read at them your own risk.


What it's about:

Julianna Baker flipped for Bryce Loski instantly. Bryce? Not so much. He spends the next several years trying to get away. But when the eighth grade comes around with new challenges and influences, Juli starts to see Bryce for more than just what he is on the outside - and she's not sure she likes what she sees anymore. Yet Bryce, upon being prompted to take a closer look, starts getting a funny feeling every time Juli is near.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Read vs Reel: The Kissing Booth

BEWARE -SPOILERS ABOUND. With this being a comparison between the novel and the film adaptation, there will be lots of spoilers in this review under the section "Where the Movies Differs". Read at your own risk. The other sections should be essentially spoiler-free.

In all honesty, I almost didn't finish this review. No, that isn't any reflection on the source material, I just had so many roadblocks come up with this post that I didn't really have the heart to continue. So, better late than never, here it finally is!


The Kissing Booth by Beth Reekles started as a story on Wattpad before being picked up by publishers in 2012. The Netflix movie adaptation was released in 2018, instantly garnering hoards of fans. It stars Joey King, Jacob Elordi, and Joel Courtney, with Molly Ringwald in the supporting cast. A companion novella, The Beach House was released in 2011 and can be read on Wattpad.

What It's About

Two best friends give birth to their babies on the same day. Their children, Lee and Elle, are inseparable from that moment on. They can count on the other for everything, no matter what. But when Elle and Lee plan a kissing booth as part of the school's carnival fundraiser, they never could have guessed what would happen - her first kiss is with none other than Lee's older brother Noah. Noah seems like a dream: straight A student, football player, and completely gorgeous...until you factor in his motorcycle, womanizing, and tendency to get into fights. Elle is torn between wanting bad boy Noah, and running the other way. What's a girl to do?

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Every Day

Every Day is based on a 2012 book of the same name by David Levithan. It was adapted as a movie in 2018.


What It's About:

Every day a person named A wakes up in the body of a different human being. They are not a body in and of themselves, and only a soul. On one particular day, A wakes up in the body of Justin and meets his girlfriend Rhiannon, with whom they spend an unforgettable day. Rhiannon, unused to this type of attention from Justin is over the moon, but when Justin can't remember it the next day, she is not only heartbroken, but confused. A, however, has fallen head over heels. Through a series of different bodies, A meets Rhiannon and explains their story - and when the two start a relationship, they have no choice but to hide it. For who would understand that when Rhiannon looks like she is with a different person every day, that she is really with A? 

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Drums of Autumn (Diana Gabaldon)

This post will essentially be Spoiler Free, however as it is part of a series, some comments may spoil portions of the plot of previous books by default. This book is the fourth in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. A television series is also currently out. It recently finished its fourth season, which covers the contents of this book.


What it's about:

From Scotland to France to Jamaica, Claire and Jamie Fraser have travelled many miles on their journey together. Now in North Carolina, another chapter of their lives is beginning. Journeying to River Run, they meet Jamie's aunt Jocasta, and then move onward to make themselves a home on the newly named Fraser's Ridge. Yet the uncolonized land presents its own challenges - along the way both new and old friends and foe are encountered which will have lasting consequences. Back in the present, Claire and Jamie's daughter Brianna learns the history behind her parent's future - and knows she has to help them in any way she knows how.