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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Mini-Reviews: The Spectacular Now, Joy, Pompeii, The Edge of Seventeen

I've watched several films over the past few months that I just haven't felt motivated to review in depth. I don't have tons to say about any of these, but at the same time I wanted to let you all know what I thought about them! That being said, here are some mini-reviews so that you get the gist. If anyone wants to know more about any of these movies, please leave me a comment!

The Spectacular Now

Based on the novel by Tim Tharp, The Spectacular Now is a slice of teenage awkwardness. It's fairly likely you've met both an Aimee and a Sutter at some point in your life (whether in high school or college), so these characters feel fairly realistic. The question is, do you like Sutter or do you want to punch him in the face? Well, you'll probably feel both things at some point but that's sort of a good thing. My one major complaint about this one was that the volume was very inconsistent throughout. Overall a decent movie.


The beginning is rage-inducing and frustrating, and anyone who has family troubles will relate to this horrible dynamic, and want to punch something. The movie picks up quite well and ends up being surprisingly interesting (yes it is about a mop, but it is really about so much more than that). It was overall enjoyable, and Jennifer Lawrence does a good job with this one.

Friday, August 10, 2018

RFID Poetry

For many of those working in today's libraries, RFID is a term you are more than familiar with - radio-frequency identification. Tags are placed inside books, movies, and other library materials which act as both a security feature and a quick and easy way to sign out items. This allows these materials to be checked out without using the barcode, and for users to borrow and return items without the help of library staff.
RFID poetry is a form of book spine poetry (placing spines of books next to each other and reading the titles in order to create a poem). Created by checking out or returning items with the use of RFID scanners, the resulting receipt can create some deep, hilarious, or downright weird poetic creations depending on the order the items are scanned.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Books You'd Mash Together

This week's Top Ten Tuesday by That Artsy Reader Girl is Books That You'd Mash Together. I absolutely love this one, and have been working on it for a few weeks now. I'm super excited to share these ones with you!:

1) Robin Hood and The Hunger Games
Outside of the arena, Robin steals from the Capital. Inside, Katniss kicks butt and takes names. Later, they share tips on taking down a deer by bow and arrow.

2) The Secret Garden and Frankenstein
You know why they keep the garden a secret?  Corpse reanimation.

3) The Thorn Birds and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
One day the roles will be reversed. What then? Also, what would a baby do with that kind of money?

4) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Yes, Willy Wonka is the Wizard, Oompa Loompas are the Munchkins, and The Wicked Witch is trying to steal factory secrets.

5) Anne of Green Gables and The Girl Who Owned a City
Can Anne uphold her romantic ideals amidst the apocalypse?

Monday, July 30, 2018

July 2018 Update

July, oh July...what a weird month. In one sense it took absolutely forever, and in another it completely flew by! My classes are now officially done for the semester, and I get a chance to relax for a little while. Work is insane, but it is also slowing down now (well, after next week). I didn't watch tons this month, but overall the things that I watched were great.

Started Watching:

Great British Bake-Off season 8

Although I have avidly watched past seasons of this, three of the main four cast members have been replaced this time, and I don't know how much I'll be watching. The new hosts just don't have the same flair, and the newest judge seems fine, but I haven't had any chance to feel connected to her. Paul is still the same though - good ol' Paul. Well, we'll see.

This is My Love (My Love Eun Dong) started and finished
This was AMAZING. Full disclosure though: if you are not into obsessive guys or pining, then just stay away. Yes, it got a little bit much at some points, and I totally would have yelled at the male lead...but I loved it. This goes through three different ages of the characters, and the middle age of the female lead is played by the same person that was in the last K-Drama I watched, One Last Time. Yet, it was wonderful and heartbreaking, and I wanted to cry almost right away. So worth a watch if you are into intense love stories.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

TMST: Change in Reading/Watching Habits

Things have been so busy that I unfortunately haven't been able to participate in a few weeks, but here I am back again with another Tell Me Something Tuesday.

This week's topic from Rainy Day Ramblings is "how have you reading habits changed since you started blogging?" I definitely think this is an interesting one, because although I knew things had changed for me a little, I could really only identify it in terms of the movies and shows I was watching. So, I'm going to look at both.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Summer 2018 Comment Challenge

You know those things that you keep meaning to get around to, and then just never end up doing? That's sort of been me the past few months. Now, if you don't know anything about my job, I work with children and teenagers. This means that during the summer school is out, and it is essentially non-stop chaos for me at work (which also makes it my favourite time). So while for most people the summer is a time to relax and catch up on all of their projects...that is definitely not the case for me. Anyway, I digress.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Period Drama: Lady Bird

Set in Sacramento in 2002, this period drama was nominated for five Academy Awards and won two Golden Globes.

What It's About:

Christine McPherson has pink hair, goes to Catholic school, and gave herself the name Lady Bird. Trying to carve her mark amidst the craziness of her final year in high school, she joins the drama club along with her best friend Julie, where she meets Danny and the two fall for each other. While making her way through college applications, relationship troubles, her father losing his job, and a contentious relationship with her mother, Lady Bird discovers that sometimes you have to take a step back to see the things that are the closest to your heart.