Tuesday, September 7, 2021

TMST: Do You Use Your Library?

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This week's topic is: Libraries...do you use yours? 

...Nah. End post.

I'm kidding. It's a bit unusual though, working in a library. I see the usage of it very differently than I used to, however this also comes from a change in lifestyle from when I started working there.

There are certain features of the library that I use extremely often (books, movies), some I use occasionally (music, online courses, audiobooks), and some that I don't make use of at all (newspapers, legal resources, etc.). I used to take out tons and tons of fiction, but now I mostly take out movies, cookbooks, and some fiction, with a smattering of other things in between.

The hardest part is the overwhelming desire to read and watch...well, everything. You see it come in, you talk to people about it, and you realize that there are just not enough hours in the day. It's definitely a struggle, and sometimes it can be a bit paralyzing if you are not careful, in that, there are so many choices that you don't even know where to start. But man, will I never complain that that is my problem rather than not having access to all of these beautiful things!


What about you, do you use your library? What are some resources you especially like?


  1. I use my library a lot, and I get the most use out of their ebooks. With COVID, I'm not really comfortable right now borrowing physical books, but my little library has pretty much every physical book available in an ebook form, which I'm very grateful for.

  2. I'm new-ish to using my library but I'm a total convert. Almost all my reading is done through the library.

    I mostly borrow fiction books but I've been borrowing more cookbooks, magazines and graphic novels.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  3. I don't use my library nearly enough, although they just rebuilt ours and it's a beautiful new facility now so I really should!

  4. I don't anymore but I used to a lot back when I had a car and was able to go out. I have Agoraphobia so I don't use the library anymore.