Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Blog-Along: Wolf Hall, Episode 3 - Anna Regina

Continuing my blog-along of Wolf Hall, we are now on Episode 3. If you haven't read my thoughts about Episodes 1 and 2, check them out here: Wolf Hall, Episode 1 and here: Wolf Hall, Episode 2 Once again, I will be editing everything to avoid spoilers, and to make things a bit more concise, but it will mostly be my thoughts as I have them.

Wolf Hall, Episode 3 - Anna Regina


           Play by Play

  • Oh good, starting off with torture is always fun
  • Oh, is THAT the situation now Cromwell? Wow. Sharing your bed and everything.
  • You must be on the winning side of history, so switch sides while you can if the battle is inevitably a lost one. Or, gain favor while you can. Apparently that's how we vote.
  • Good, Cromwell. You do remember their faces.
  • Anne, you must practice - both your archery, and your calm temperament
  • Does anyone else love Cromwell and Mary's conversations?
  • Anne's mannerisms are much better here in this episode, I think. Her head high, and proud, but not a mocking snob. But one hell of a temper, that's for sure. And her outfits are all stunning
  • Cromwell, 16th century Casanova
  • "Are you threatening me? I'm just interested."
  • The horror on Percy's face will never cease to make me laugh. Oh dear, we think we are big and tough, but one teensy weensy wrench in our plans and we are so lost. Don't mess with Crommy.
  • Oh. My.
  • Timestamp 44:08: Oh. My. (Again)
  • Now THAT is the definition of gutsy. Percy, take note.
  • I'm sorry your highness, I just don't know where on earth I would have room to hang that! Can I perhaps exchange it for something a bit smaller?


The wit of this episode ranks it as the best one yet. Thank goodness, because I was starting to give up hope (sad, I know, after only a few episodes). Obviously still political in nature, Anna Regina dealt more with the growing and evolving relationships between various characters. This moved the storyline from being about as dry as old toast to one having a bit of meat on its bones for those not interested in a documentary. Ending on an interesting display of opposites - one getting ready to bring life into this world, and one preparing to leave it, this episode was less about choosing sides, and more about survival. Anne's explanation that "people should say whatever will keep them alive" is rather a theme in this episode (and a very interesting comment to have made when looking at the years to come in the Tudor dynasty). Whether it is the prudent voting for a bill, recanting, or standing up for beliefs (however unpopular), the choices each make shifts them closer or further from the precipice of their fate.
Cromwell's interactions with Anne, Percy, and Mary are all brilliant here, and really allow the episode to shine. Anne is more like I was hoping for and expecting, and shows more admirable qualities than she did in previous episodes. Like her or hate her, I bet you at least find her an interesting one. Costuming was beautiful once again, and simple touches such as the elaborate cuffs on Jane's dress are things that fans of the time period will really appreciate. Nothing to make or break the series of course, but it's the extra mile that most don't take the time to bother with.
If you weren't sure how this was going to go (like me), I hope this episode will have convinced you to continue. It seems to have picked back up. Fingers crossed for Episode 4.

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