Friday, May 18, 2018

The Kissing Booth

A Netflix original, this movie is based on the 2012 novel by Beth Reekles.

What It's About:

Two best friends give birth to their babies on the same day at the same time. Their children, Lee and Elle, are inseparable from that moment on. They can count on the other for everything - especially their love of dance. Starting grade 11, Elle's changing body catches the eyes of many of the school's boys, and she isn't exactly sure how to handle all of this new attention. But when Elle's childhood crush starts to notice her as well, Elle starts to think that things might be looking up - except that it violates one of the most important friendship rules she and Lee made as children: "Relatives are totally off-limits."

Why You'll Love It:

  • Lee and Elle's relationship is completely adorkable. They are obviously comfortable with each other in the best way, and it is completely platonic. There's no hidden romantic feelings on either side. (As an aside, Lee totally has a Dan Byrd vibe - Carter from A Cinderella Story - and it's great).
  • Noah and Elle are delightful. They match, and work really well together. Their relationship is both beautiful and heart-pounding.
  • Elle doesn't automatically melt just because Noah is there - she still has her own thoughts and ideas, and does what is right for her.
  • Lots of great kissing scenes. Lots.
  • It's a sweet little movie with just enough depth to get really invested in, but not too much that you really have to think. This makes it great for relaxing over your afternoon.
  • The music selection is awesome and works perfectly for the movie.

Why You Might Want To Skip It:
  • If you like consistency, it's not a priority in this movie. For example, the dress code seems to be applicable to some people and not others, and it's not clear if there is a defined uniform...but it seems like there is supposed to be, and people are different grades at some times, but seem like the same grade at others.
  • Everyone would be suspended for half of the stuff they do in this movie...Nor would really any girl who felt half-decent about herself do some of this stuff. So, realism isn't a priority either.
  • It's not an original concept, and it borrows ideas from other movies and books (such as "forbidden activity lists" between friends). There are about 100...thousand clich├ęs.
  • There is quite a focus on the female body, and sex, and although these sorts of issues occur to some degree in high school, it is a bit overdone. Definitely not the best for teaching teenagers the right and wrong way to behave.
Final Thoughts

There are a lot of faults with this movie. It's absolutely never going to win awards for acting, originality, or realism...but then again, neither is a Hallmark movie. Even with saying all of that, I actually really enjoyed it. It was the perfect movie to watch when I needed a romance movie on a slow afternoon, and I would definitely watch it again. Just, don't take it too seriously, and maybe don't let an impressionable teenager watch it. Makes a great diversion!


  1. Oh, my Gods! I didn't realise this was a movie! I read the book ages ago and really liked it but had no idea it was becoming a movie. And once again, I bask in the pain of not having Netflix!

    1. Ah, I'm so sorry! I only got Netflix for Christmas, so I've known your pain. It only came out on May 11th, so it's actually super new. You can find some adorable clips of it on YouTube though if you want to check out some of it. The best part though? The actors who play Noah and Elle are dating in real life!

    2. I love it when actors date in real life- it's super cute!

  2. I've been seeing this movie EVERYWHERE lately, including on Netflix, BECAUSE IT KEEPS PLAYING THE TRAILER FOR ME smh. Even though I'm unsure if it's for me, because I didn't like the book, I'll likely watch it. I really can't say no to the hype haha. Great review!

    1. I haven't read the book, but I did read the companion story that Reekles wrote which is supposed to slot in near the end of The Kissing Booth. I think the quality of the movie was better, but it still has a similar feel, so not sure if the movie will be up your alley (depends on why you didn't like the book I guess). Anyway, if you do watch it, let me know what you think, even if you hated it (but I hope you don't!)