Tuesday, July 24, 2018

TMST: Change in Reading/Watching Habits

Things have been so busy that I unfortunately haven't been able to participate in a few weeks, but here I am back again with another Tell Me Something Tuesday.

This week's topic from Rainy Day Ramblings is "how have you reading habits changed since you started blogging?" I definitely think this is an interesting one, because although I knew things had changed for me a little, I could really only identify it in terms of the movies and shows I was watching. So, I'm going to look at both.

So, where books are concerned I was in a bit of a slump a few years ago. Going through school and juggling work meant that I really wasn't reading much for pleasure. I had started back into it not too long before I started blogging. I really started into YA series, and those were the first books I blogged about. Now though, I feel weird about reading a long series right away, or picking books that are too long because my content won't be varied enough. For example, if I read a long series, will people want to read six posts in a row all about those books? Or if I read something that takes me a while to complete, will they want to wait months between review posts? I also want variation between my content in terms of YA vs. Adult. I don't exclusively want to blog YA, however it usually takes much less time to get through and so it dominates a bit more of my blog sometimes than I would like. Not that there's anything wrong with YA, but it wasn't my original vision. We'll see where things go when life quiets down a bit.

Well, the style of movies I've been watching hasn't really changed. I do sometimes find that I put pressure on myself to review everything that I watch, which ends up in me not wanting to watch things...but I'm trying to break out of that. Where television is concerned, blogging has actually opened me up to watching more kinds of programming. Would I have tried out K-dramas? Likely not, but I am so glad that I did. I'm being a bit more daring trying more things, and am not as worried if something doesn't quite work out for me.

How have your reading and watching habits changed since blogging? Can you relate with any of these feelings?


  1. Quote: "For example, if I read a long series, will people want to read six posts in a row all about those books?"

    That's something I've been asking myself too. Like, my first three blog posts back in 2012 where about three installments of the same series...I've learned to shake things up a little by then. People bore fast 😉. Not to mention, if one isn't interested in that particular series for any given reason, they won't read past the review for Book 1...so why torture them with a row of posts they will avoid? LOL.

    I try to review some TV too, but those posts end up being so monumental, I have to be in the mood for them LOL. Which doesn't happen often...

    Roberta R. @ Offbeat YA

    1. Exactly! Sometimes I want to breeze through the whole series right away, but I break up my blog posts a little with other content to appeal to everyone.

  2. I am glad that blogging has opened you up to new things, but it is hard not to feel that pressure. I think we need to not be too hard on ourselves because honestly, we are the only ones who care. Thanks for posting this week!

    1. It's true, but it's hard to remember sometimes!