Saturday, October 5, 2019

September 2019 Update

The slowest viewing month I've had in ages!

Started Watching:
Poldark - season 1 - started and finished, 5
What, didn't you just watch this? Why yes, yes I did. So, I got family members hooked on the series and we are watching it together! We have just finished season 1, and will be starting season 2 sometime this week. The fifth season started yesterday, so I am now watching that as well. Re-watching has served as a very interesting reminder about a couple of character's less-than-perfect moments, and it will be fun watching the old side-by-side with the new.

Finished Watching:

Nothing! Well, other than season 1 of Poldark. October will be busier, most likely, as I've already been close to finishing a few things.


I have been watching random parts of Anne with an E and Banished (which I have already seen, and loved), but I'm not actively watching these, and therefore am not counting them in my viewing history for the month. It's been more of a month of watching familiar and/or comfortable things. Coziness for fall!
Got something lighthearted I should watch? Let me know!

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