Friday, October 19, 2018

Blog-Along: Tin Man (Part 3 - Conclusion)

Are you ready for the third and final part of this mini-series? Well, here you go! Need to catch up on the other installments? See Part 1 and Part 2 here.
  • 5:03 - My favourite part of this moment is how everyone looks surprised, but there's Raw looking like literally nothing just happened. Also, how did her mom know about the rock? Or would any rock do?
  • 8:11 - What I find particularly interesting is what Azkadellia decided to destroy. The forest? Yep. The maze? Nope. Why not?
  • 9:15 - Ah, so it was the rock! My question still stands. 
  • 16:37 - You're still in there! Those teary eyes mean something.
  • Did he find them?!
  • I wish Glitch still had problems repeating himself once in a while. I don't see that anymore.
  • 19:00 - Yes, let's descend into a hole that has high-pitched shrieking sounds coming out of it.
  •  25:50 - How did the Seeker not notice the four other people? He evidently can't see things well enough to be of any help.
  • Why haven't people on the run disguised themselves yet?
  • Not that they have enough time to do this, but it would be interesting to look at the effects of the suit on Cain - like PTSD.
  • 33:22 - Delightful. It's been a while since I've seen a good blow dart.
  • 34:07 - OH MY GOD. That took me COMPLETELY by surprise!
  • 35:30 - I'm just going to take my hot air balloon out from absolutely nowhere. No biggie.
  • 42:05 - Aw, Glitch. That's awful :(
  • 46:15 - Ahhhhh! Name origin moment. I love it.
  • 49:09 - Well, dreams are often a PTSD symptom.
  • 57:50 - Sweetest reunion *sigh*
  • 1:01:18 - Slides halfway off, falls in, crushes. End of dynasty. I'm a horrible person.
  • 1:02:29 - Raw, why are you always smiling? It's bad news!
  • 1:11:04 - AHAHAHAHAHA!
  • 1:13:36 - Blast her with a laser of light! Blam blam!
  • 1:21:25 - Man, you'd think 500 years of beauty sleep was enough. Apparently not.
  • "She melted"
  • 1:26:38 - Not going to notice your friend got shot? Nope, apparently not. What a selfish princess, haha.
  • Sweet, and very satisfying ending overall. Not all the loose ends tied up though, but I assume everything works out fully fine.
Final Thoughts:
This series was cheesy, but it was fun. Yes, it looks a bit dated, but the science fiction twist is really cool. I wish they had the time to develop some things a bit more (maybe five episodes?) but overall a fun one for fans of the main story.

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